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Friday, December 30, 2011

A Final Farewell

Hello Friends in Bloggerland.
  As we say goodbye to 2011 and we recollect on things of importance throughout the year.   My heart automatically goes to my dear sweet grandma, that I recently said my final farewell to.  We all have that special someone that we hold near and dear to our hearts and she would be that person to me.  She was my creative inspiration as she spent every waking moment crocheting, baking, gardening, quilting or whatever else she could find to keep herself busy. She had a saying about idle hands being a work of the devil or something along that line.  To say the least we all were kept busy and there was never a complaint about any mess we created.
  She is going to be my inspiration as I enter into the year of 2012.  We knew that she walked each day with the Lord at her side.   Not because of her constant preaching of the Bible to us, but because everything in her path, was touched, in a way, that you knew God's work was being done through her.   She left behind the tattered remains of what was left of her personal Bible.  It was filled with highlighted verses and notes scrawled along the edge of the pages.  The front and back covers are well worn from the many times she knew that he was the only answer.  Tucked neatly in the front cover was a handwritten piece of paper that at the top said "My Daily Prayer that I say for My Family handed down from my father who said this prayer daily for his family".  Then she had listed each family member.  What a priceless gift to know that someone loved you so much that she made sure to remember you in the most important way possible.
  I am a woman of Faith, but I'm not always great at carrying it through in my everyday life and toward the people I love most.  I hope this year to be able to build a closer relationship with my maker, so those who know me, will know him.  I will copy that special prayer and carry on her father's wonderful daily prayer for my family.  My aunt has her Bible and prayer but I will take some pictures of the Bible and post the prayer for all of you to see.


  1. What an inspirational post. Just remember that no one can ever take your memories away. May we all live closer ro Him in 2012.

  2. Dear Jamie, My goodness.. that was hard to read without knowing you or her.. tears filled my eyes with heartache for you and your family... THE LIGHT OF THE LORD.. shines BRIGHTER THAN ANYTHING! What a blessing to have had your Grandma and have such awesome and fond memories of her! What a blessing you were to her too! God Bless You and yours throughout this painful experience!