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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day #7-12 Days of Christmas Drawing

Today is the first day that things are going to change up a bit.  I have now offered up 6 prizes and am now going to give you a deal of the day to entice you to join in on the fun.  I mentioned in an email to my customers that I am planning to offer a FREE class to anyone qualifying for the SOTM this month when January rolls around.  If you are too far away to join us, that is fine I will share the card instructions through email.  We will be making the box of cards shown in the photo above.  I have asked that the two items I would need for you to purchase would be the box and 3x3 envelopes.

 I am setting up an open shopping cart for anyone who wants to take part for the next few days.  This means, you let me know that you'd like the deal of the day, I write it down, and we continue to run a tally until the end of the twelve days.  That way you're more apt to qualify for the SOTM and for the fun Valentines day set that will be offered starting the 13th.

Day #7 Deal-If you buy the Memory Game for $9.95.  I will throw in the 12 envelopes.
The supplies for the FREE class would then only be $9.95 rather than the $17.95 that it would have been.

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