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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Directions for Sock Monkey with "Who's My Valentine" set

Stamp 3 owls with cocoa ink onto colonial white cardstock
  - Trim around the 1st owl leaving a little bit of an edge around it and not cutting the space between his ears.
     This piece will be turned upside down for the monkey head.  Trim a small piece of CS for the brim of his
      hat that will cover over the beak.
-Cut out the bottom portion of the next owl, this will be the monkey body.
-On the third owl, cut a straight line down from each ear to the bottom of the owl, round up the bottom edge.  These will be the monkey arms.

Using the Artiste Cricut cartridge cut the following all from pg. 36 in book
Accent 2
 -1@ 3/4" in cranberry cardstock for the inside of mouth.
 -1@ 3/4" in colonial white cardstock for outside ear-cut down the middle for two ears and stamp each one in cocoa ink with the bottom portion of the owl stamp.
 -1@ 1/2" in colonial white cardstock-cut down the middle for two ears and attach to outside ear.
Accent 4>Shift
 -1 @ 3/4" in colonial white cardstock for outside of mouth.

The tag is made from craft cardstock cut 3"x5" with top edges trimmed at an angle
Cranberry piece is cut 2 1/2" x 3"- scored every 1/4 inch and sanded.
Circle is cut 3/4" and punched in the middle.
Use black fine tip marker to add details.
I used a edge punch for the bottom scallop.


  1. THAT is a RIOT! I love fun ideas like this! Clever girl! Kindred Spirit!

  2. NICELY DONE!! Thank you for the detailed instructions. You are so clever!!